Repeater RPTR

2014 | Dancetheatre | Concept, Music


Already the title of the piece plays with the term of repetition and its transformation. Daily-life activities are quoted and reproduced; activities that wear themselves off but renew themselves through the repeated enlisting into time and space.

»Repeater RPTR« reflects serial rhythms of life, as sequencing principles, as transcendental phenomenons, as paranoid fantasies, as paradigms in which you seem to be stuck like in a loop. But at the same time as possibility and opportunity to do the same thing again differently, or: to do once again, what you’ve never done before.


Concept: Simon Karlstetter, Dustin Klein
Choreography: Dustin Klein
Music: Simon Karlstetter
Text: Anna Gschnitzer
Acting: Felix von Bredow
Dancers: (Solosists of the Bavarian State Ballet) Emma Barrowman, Stephanie Hancox, Zuzana Zahradniková,
Peter Jolesch, Dustin Klein, Ilia Sarkisov
Stagedesign & Light: Matthias Lohscheidt
Costumes: Louise Flanagan
Production: Claudio Ricci

Der Greif – Organisation for Contemporary Photography

Since 2008 | Offset, 24,5 x 34,5 cm, Print Run: 4.500 Copies, Numbered | Founder, Artistic Direction, Conception, Layout, Editor


DER GREIF is an award-winning organization for contemporary photography. It is print-publication, online-publication, curatorial team and joint project all at once. The artistic core and root of the project is the ad-free print-publication. It combines and presents the works of photographers and authors of different origins in a holistic piece of art. Der Greif connects the digital and the analogue, exploring and expanding the borders and limits of image-distribution and -reception in the digital era. All Der Greif-projects connect virtual, physical and / or print-spaces.


Founder, Artistic Director: Simon Lovermann
Creative Director, Editor: Gita Cooper-van Ingen

Artistic Director Print: Leon Kirchlechner
Business Director: Claudio Ricci

Fundraising, Sponsoring: Julia Leinweber
Distribution: Susann Kühn

Technical Director: Matthias Lohscheidt

Social Media, Website Content Tina Horn, Sebastian Knittel

Myopic Bounds

2012 | Dancetheatre

The dance theatre »Myopic Bounds« deals with the corset of conventions, emotions and socialisation that surround us all, and asks questions concerning the need for freedom, limitation, bound and isolation in reference to this corset. How much are we restricted by our outer and inner worlds? How can we develop despite or because of these different bounds that we are moving in? And where might the imagined but fortress space of emotion that surrounds us lead to?

In the musical and dramaturgical realisation of the piece, the element of repetition found in patterns of human interaction and behaviour interests me. Sounds the dancers produce with their movements build the fundament for the rhythmical realisation of the different musical patterns. The music evolves through a simple, rhythmical theme that varies as the piece progresses, curving back to the start at its end.


Choreography: Dustin Klein (Bayerisches Staatsballett)
Dance: Dustin Klein, Emma Barrowman (Bayerisches Staatsballett)
Dramaturgy and Music: Simon Karlstetter
Costume: Louise Flanagan
Light: Peter Dürrschmidt

Stiller Flug

2012 | Electrophotography | Editions of 10 | 70 x 70 cm and 50 x 50 cm

Surreal still objects in open space, captured in movement with electrophotographic techniques.

Kartografie 1 & 2

2011/2012 | Electrophotography, Collage, Nitro-Frottage | 150 x 338 cm and 150 x 211 cm

Der Lauf der Dinge

2013 | Electrophotography, Collage, Nitro-Frottage | 150 x 323 cm