The Rite

2018 | Dancetheatre | Music


«The Rite» is the new interpretation of the heathen rituals that inspired Nijinsky and Stravinsky to the «Sacre du printemps». To this date the piece is still regarded as a revolutionary choreography of modern dance history. The choreography of Dustin Klein is an homage to the Ballets Russes. Simon Lovermann uses different recordings of the original Stravinsky score, tears them apart, samples from them, reworks and rearranges them, creates live loops and adds synthesizers, rhodes and percussion to create a new, idiosyncratic composition that references the original but takes it to a modern, club-like ritual experience.

A contemporary composition, a strong costume design and new movements unite with traditional folklore and familiar musical themes to a bold synthesis. The piece is danced by soloists from the Bavarian State Ballet.