The Rite

2018 | Dancetheatre | Live-Music & Composition


«The Rite» is the new interpretation of the heathen rituals that inspired Nijinsky and Stravinsky to the «Sacre du printemps». To this date the piece is still regarded as a revolutionary choreography of modern dance history. The choreography of Dustin Klein is an homage to the Ballets Russes. I used different recordings of the original Stravinsky score, tear them apart, sample from them, rework and rearrange them. I create live loops and add synthesizers, Rhodes and percussion to create a new, idiosyncratic composition that references the original but takes it to a modern, club-like ritual experience.

A contemporary composition, a strong costume design and new movements unite with traditional folklore and familiar musical themes to a bold synthesis. The piece is danced by soloists from the Bavarian State Ballet.


Choreography: Dustin Klein
Composition and live music: Simon Karlstetter
Dancers: (Soloists of the Bavarian State Ballet) Matteo Dilaghi, Nikita Korotkov, Margarida Neto, Elisa Mestres, Ilia Sarkisov, Nicola Strada
Stagedesign & Costume: Louise Flanagan