One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

2021 | Dancetheatre | Composition and Music Production

I wrote and performed the music for choreographer Dustin Klein’s adaptation of the famous novel and movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. We were commissioned by the opera in Pilsen to produce the piece. The image of the American society, where unyielding conventions exclude any individuality and expressions of own will, fascinated Dustin to freely transcribe the famous work into a dance format. I approached writing the score for the piece by using different elements that I found to be key in creating the atmosphere for the movie – for example keychains, sounds of basketball courts, metal fences, card games… I recorded these elements and used samples as foundations for the rhythmic structure of the score.

Dustin based his adaptation on experiences gained during his previous activities for the Stuttgart and Munich Ballet, or the Moscow Stanislaus Theater. The intimacy of the small scene allowed us to deepen the psychological picture of each character and touch the moral essence of the famous novel.


Choreography: Dustin Klein
Composition and music production: Simon Lovermann
Voice and text: Felix von Bredow
Costumes: Louise Flanagan
with dancers from Opera Pilsen, Premiere – 29th May 2021 Divadlo J.K.Tyla Pilsen, Czech Republic