2019 | Dancetheatre | Live-Music and Composition


I got invited by long time friend, collaborator and choreographer Dustin Klein to compose the score for his work “Eden”, commissioned by Origen Festival Cultural. “Eden” explores the subject of the sin. Contemplating the relationship between the original sin in the garden of Eden and subsequent situations in which mankind has been confronted with since the beginning of time, how have we learnt to deal with temptation? Have we even learnt at all? Are we worthy of paradise?

The piece premiered in the Julier-tower, one of the most spectacular theatre venues: A red, round, 37 meters tall tower on the Julier pass on top of 2.300m altitude, with a round stage that is suspended from the ceiling. The audience is sitting all around the stage which creates a very special atmosphere. Anne Gryczka documented the entire process, from conception to adapting it to the space.


Choreography: Dustin Klein
Composition and live music: Simon Lovermann
Dancers (Soloists of the Bavarian State Ballet): Robin Strona, Kristina Lind, Henry Grey, Antonia McAuley
Costumes: Louise Flanagan
Graphic Design: Paul Putzar