Handwerke Live Sessions & NFT Drop

2022 | Live Video & NFT | Live-Music and Composition



I recorded a version of Miles Davis’ »Nardis« in the »Handwerk« recording sessions in 2015. We released it as a single in May ’22. I decided to record a live video alongside it, since I was working on the live set anyway. In relation to the single release, we have dropped 10 individual 15-25 seconds video loops, based on the backprojection-videos on May 26 on OpenSea. NFT owners receive a random vinyl record from Lovermann’s debut release “Handwerke”. The audio-loops are taken from the live recording. I have been experimenting with NFTs with Der Greif, the organization for contemporary photography I founded and run as artistic director.

I also recorded four tracks from my debut album »Handwerke«. All five recordings are available as live videos. DOP André Döbert who shot and edited the videos has worked with the concept of loops in his visuals as well. The camera constantly moves around me while I performs on stage.
To create atmosphere and distinction between the different recordings, André and myself have developed 5 abstract video loops that are projected during the performance. They also visualize circles, loops and quote Lovermann’s approach to creating his music: Simple, but strong repetitive patterns.

The release is a collaboration of Der Greif and Squama Recordings. Artwork designed by Daily Dialogue.

DOP & Edit: André Doebert, Munich
Recording: Chris Stoeger, Munich
Edit: Simon Lovermann, Munich
Mixing & Mastering: Sam Irl, Vienna